The logo design was inspired by the shapes and colours of one of the seven wonders of the world – the Great Barrier Reef – with each element of the logo spiralling around each other to form a beautiful coral. The fluid shapes intertwining also represent the link between all the townships that form the regional area.

Each of the colours represents vibrant and energetic colours, with each colour representing a major industry or natural element of the region.

Blue/aqua tones – the different and ever changing colours of our tropical ocean;
Pink – the vibrant colours of the coral and reefs;
Green – the rolling cane fields of the local sugar industry, the richness of the vibrant horticulture industry, the rainforest, coastal mountain ranges and Whitsunday islands;
Yellow – the sunshine and sand; the iconic mango and various types of produce.
Orange – the rich earth found in the inland parts of the region and the cattle industry;
Black – the mining and heavy industry found in the Bowen basin and Collinsville.

The typography is a combination of casual typeface that represents the atmosphere within the region, coupled with a corporate font for the wording Regional Council. 
  1. P  07 4945 0200
    Email  info@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au

    67 Herbert Street, Bowen
    Cnr. Stanley and Conway Streets, Collinsville
    52 Main Street, Proserpine
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