Whitsunday Regional Council Major Client Forum


Council recognises the keen interest in Council's business and service delivery by a range of stakeholders and is committed to maintaining mutually open communication with the community and consequently have formed the Whitsunday Regional Council Major Client Forum (MCF). 
The MCF will be held monthly for major stakeholders and groups to meet with Council to exchange ideas, seek information or raise matters of concern.
How it works   

  • Major clients are to provide the MCF’s secretariat no later than 1 full week before the MCF an agenda with the following:
    • Description of the issue;
    • Interactions with council on the matter to date;
    • Desired outcome.
    • MCF Secretariat address is: mcfsecretariat@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au
  • Major clients seeking to attend the MCF will be advised 4 days prior to the MCF the allocated time to attend the MCF.
  • Time allowed per client is limited to 30 minutes.  Extensions to this limit will be considered under exceptional circumstances by the chair of the MCF.
  • Minutes of the MCF meeting will occur in live time so that all understand and comprehend the commitments being made.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting will be the first item of the MCF agenda.

Council Processes
The MCF is not intended to be a way of surpassing council processes or policies but rather a means to seek or pass on information or to address matters that have not been resolved through formal council channels.
Matters that have not been through a normal formal council process will not be considered as a MCF agenda item.

Who's on the MCF?

Council recognises that on occasions our client’s dealings with council can be difficult in terms of the many legislative parameters council is required to operate in.  This then can be confusing to our clients, and as a result opportunities to enhance our region can be reduced or lost. 

Council is determined to ensure a prosperous and informed community. To that end the MCF will be chaired by Council's Mayor Andrew Willcox.

Council’s CEO will also be in attendance.

Council's Directors and Divisional Councillors will also be in attendance where applicable as determined by the Mayor. 

Please click the link to download the Major Client Forum application (PDF 147KB).





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