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Whitsunday Regional Council is giving ratepayers who own residential dwellings, residential flats and multi self-contained residential units the opportunity to choose their preferred water billing option. Currently, all users in the Whitsunday Regional are on the Two-Part Tariff system however the option to move to the Allocation Tariff has been introduced at Council's Budget Meeting on 13 June 2019. The options offered to water users are as follows:

Two-Part Tariff
Water charges based on all water used (Two-Part Tariff). The basis of the water charged includes:

-an annual charge for all connections to the system (known as the access charge); and

-a charge for each kilolitre of water consumed

This is the current model that applies to everyone. If you do nothing, you will stay on this tariff.

Allocation Tariff
Water charges based on all water used (allocation Tariff). The basis of the water charge includes:

- an annual charge for all connections to the system (access charge) including an allocation of water set by Council each year; and

-a charge for each kilolitre of water consumed above the limit set by Council. This is commonly referred to as the excess charge

- for community title properties - the Body Corporate will need to apply for water allocation.

How do I know if I should move to the allocation tariff?

Water Tariff Calculator 
Use the water tariff calculator below to see how much you will pay on each water billing system.

What if I don't have an old water notice?
Please contact the Whitsunday Regional Council Rates Department on 1300 WRC QLD (972 753).
Allocation Tariff Opt In FORM
To change to the Allocation Tariff, please complete the Allocation Tariff Opt In form. Only available up to 3 July 2019.

Sign the Water Tariff Choice form which you received in the mail and return to Whitsunday Regional Council during the notice period. (The Allocation Tariff Opt In form is also available here and Customer Service Centres.)

July/August 2019
Residential Ratepayers will receive a consumption bill under the existing two-part tariff for the period January to June 2019.

July 2019
Ratepayers will receive their half yearly Rates Notice which will include the new allocation access charge of $450 per half yearly notice. This will be charged on the July to December 2019 allocation of 700kl per financial year.

July 2020
If a ratepayer on the new Allocation Tariff has used more then 700kl from July 2019 to June 2020, they will receive an excess charge notice (charged at $5.60 per kl.)

January 2020
Ratepayers will receive their second half yearly Rates Notice with half the annual access charge for the remaining balance of 700kl per annum.

Will there be further opportunities to CHOOSE MY WATER TARIFF if I miss the NOTICE period?

There will be an additional period for three weeks in March 2020. This period will be available for:

1. Ratepayers who are currently on the two-part tariff;
2. Ratepayers who have recently purchased properties; or
3. Ratepayers with newly created assessments.

This period will be open each year in March and will be applied to the following rating year from 1 July to 30 June.

Is there an option to Opt-in or opt-out if I change my mind?

If you choose to change from the existing Two-Part Tariff to the new Allocation Tariff, you cannot change again until March the next financial year.

A form will be made available on the WRC website closer to the period. 

If you choose to remain on the Two-Part Tariff

If you choose to remain on the existing Two-Part Tariff, please disregard the above information. Your water bill will be issued as per normal.

Monitoring your water usage

Ratepayers are encouraged to check their meter regularly to avoid undetected water loss.

Council recommends that ratepayers turn off the water service, at the meter, for periods when the property is unoccupied.

Water Tariff Calculator
  1. Enter annual water usage here:  

    Please refer to your half yearly water notice - double the water usage shown on this notice to get your estimated annual consumption. This consumption is worked out on a 182-day period. This may vary depending on when your water meter is read.

    Allocation Tariff

    Access Charge
    Excess Charge
    Two Part Tariff (current model for everyone)

    Access Charge
    1st Tier Charge
    2nd Tier Charge

    The charge for your usage for each system will be:

    Allocation Tariff
    Access Charge
    Excess Charge
    Total Annual Charge
    Two Part Tariff
    Access Charge
    1st Tier Charge
    2nd Tier Charge
    Total Annual Charge
  1. P  1300 WRC QLD (1300 972 753)
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