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How are decisions made to evacuate and who makes the decisions?
Storm Tide Warnings are issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to the Whitsunday Disaster Management Group (WDMG) in the lead up to and during a tropical cyclone event. These warnings contain technical data about predicted and worst case scenario storm tide heights based on a number of factors, height data and at a range of locations.
The WDMG then interprets this data to assign a ‘colour’ zone to evacuate at specific locations.

Evacuation (Storm Tide)

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1. Will the new maps affect my property insurance?
2. What is a storm surge?
3. What is the difference between a storm surge and storm tide?
4. How are decisions made to evacuate and who makes the decisions?
5. What storm tide monitoring sites are located in the Whitsunday Region?
6. What is a Storm Tide Warning Location?
7. What information does the Bureau of Meteorology provide the Whitsunday Disaster Management Group?
8. Who is at risk from storm tide inundation in the Whitsundays?
9. What are the key improvements of the new maps?
10. Why is my property now in an Evacuation Zone but it was never in a storm surge inundation zone?
11. What if my property is located in an Evacuation Zone (Storm Tide)?
12. What is the difference between voluntary and directed evacuations?
13. What is the likelihood of being evacuated for a cyclone storm tide?
14. What if I am in the White Zone, will I ever need to evacuate?
15. Should I evacuate for a Category 5 cyclone?
16. What effect is climate change going to have on cyclones and storm tide?
17. How can I get my Evacuation Zone (Storm Tide) colour changed?
18. Can the Evacuation Zone (Storm Tide) be used in the event of a Tsunami?
19. Why do we need new Evacuation Zones (Storm Tide) Maps?
20. How were the new colours decided?
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