Plans and Reports

Corporate Plan

Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 [PDF 6MB]

Whitsunday 2020 is a five year corporate vision spanning from 2014-2019 which informs Council's directions and priorities, it is also a way of measuring Council's progress in achieving key strategies.

Council is committed to delivering on the objectives of Whitsunday 2020 which identifies the four central themes of governance and leadership, people, place and prosperity.

With a strong focus on economic development the seven strategic priorities identified in the plan are: 
1. Advocate for implementation of the Bruce Highway Action Plan 
2. Develop the Whitsunday Coast International Export Hub as a significant transport and exports hub and regional economic driver 
3. Advocate for the construction of the Urannah Dam and improvements to the Burdekin Falls Dam 
4. Advocate for the establishment of a base load power station at Collinsville and alternative energy sources 
5. Advocate for the continued development of the Port of Abbot Point and the Abbot Point State Development Area 
6. Advocate for the establishment of an integrated resort and casino development within the Whitsunday region 
7. Advocate for the growth of the agriculture, horticulture and seafood sectors for expanding export opportunities

Throughout the development of this plan Council conducted extensive community consultation to identify what the community believes the important areas of focus are for the Whitsunday Regional Council.

The community engagement process involved online and phone surveys, four community forums, two staff forums and a children's picture drawing competition.

The Corporate Plan was adopted by Council on 25th June 2014.

Community Plan

Whitsunday Regional Council Community Plan 2011-2021 [PDF 3.6MB]

Whitsunday Regional Council used the development of the Community Plan as a unique opportunity to ascertain the viewpoints of all residents in the Whitsundays and to help direct those communities towards their longer term vision and their future.

The title, Whitsunday Regional Council Community Plan 2011-2021: Our Conversation with Our Community was adopted to signify that the Community Plan was a genuine attempt to promote and enable conversations between Council and our community.

Operational Plan

Operational Plan 2016-17 [PDF 1.5MB]

The 2016-17 Operational Plan outlines the activities and services that we as an organisation will deliver this year towards implementing the objectives of the Corporate Plan 2014-2019.  

In alignment to the Corporate Plan 2014-2019, the Operational Plan for 2016-17 is centred on the four key themes of Governance and Leadership, People, Place and Prosperity. These four themes will guide Council’s focus over the next five years and are aligned with a number of outcomes and strategies.

In accordance with the 2009 Local Government Act, a local government must prepare and adopt an Operational Plan for each financial year and the Chief Executive Officer must present a written assessment of the Local Government’s progress towards implementing the annual Operational Plan at meetings of the Local Government held at regular intervals of not more than 3 months.
 Operational Plan 2016-17 Quarter 1  [PDF 2.8MB]
Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans (AMP) are a core component of Whitsunday Regional Council's asset management framework. Council's infrastructure assets deliver essential services to the community. The effective planning and management of infrastructure assets is crucial to sustainable delivery of community services to meet community needs and aspirations, for both current and future generations. 
Asset Management Policy [PDF 113 KB]
Asset Valuation Policy [PDF 101 KB]
Contributed Assets Policy [PDF 85KB]
Non-Current Asset Capitalisation Policy [PDF 111 KB]

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Councils Annual Budget

The 2015-16 Whitsunday Regional Council Budget has been developed by our Mayor, Councillors and Council Officers to deliver a year of investing in community infrastructure and success for the entire local government area. Debt reduction continues to be a key element of Council’s future plans.
Click here to go to Council's Budget documents.

Annual Reports

The Whitsunday Regional Council adopted its 2015/2016 Annual Report on Wednesday 26th October.
To view the 2015/2016 Annual Report - click here.
Annual Report 2008-09 [PDF 4MB]
Annual Report 2009-10 [PDF 5.1MB]
Annual Report 2010-11 [PDF 5.7 MB]
Annual Report 2011-12 [PDF 6.7MB]
Annual Report 2012-13 [PDF 3.3 MB]
Annual Report 2013-14 [PDF 4.4 MB]
Annual Report 2014-15 [PDF 6MB]
Annual Report 2015-16 [PDF 5.9MB]
Bowen Local Catchment Flood Study

On the 11th March 2015 Whitsunday Regional Council resolved to publicly release the new ‘Bowen Local Catchment Flood Study’ (AECOM 2015).

The report focuses specifically on flooding caused by rainfall in the local Bowen catchment and compliments recent reports released by Council on riverine flooding; the Don River Flood Mitigation Report 2014 and storm surge; Cardno Report 2012.

It’s important for Council and the community to understand how the three different flood risks; rainfall in the local catchment, riverine flooding and storm tide inundation, affect the Bowen township.

This report provides Council and the community with the most detailed, accurate and up to date flood risk information for rainfall in the Bowen local catchment.

The mapping in this report will inform the new Whitsunday Regional Council Planning Scheme for the purposes of identifying localised rainfall flood hazards for Bowen.

It also means the community now has access to more accurate mapping to assess their property against in terms of local rainfall flooding.

The report also recommends that the mapping be used for disaster management purposes to help determine evacuation routes for localized rainfall events.

Download the Bowen Local Catchment Flood Study [PDF 22 MB]

Don River Flood Risk and Mitigation Study

On 8th October 2014 Whitsunday Regional Council received the Don River Flood Risk and Mitigation Study; Stage 1 – Flood Risk Assessment (AECOM, September 2014) and resolved to release it to the public.

In 2013, Council commissioned AECOM to undertake the study looking at the flood risk posed by the Don River and investigate potential mitigation options to help improve future flood resilience for the Bowen community.

The Queensland Government provided 40% of the funding for the study with Council providing the remainder.

Stage 1 of the Don River Flood Risk and Mitigation Study outlines the flood risks in detail, with Stage 2 presenting possible approaches to mitigating flooding. 

Download the Don River Flood Risk and Mitigation Study Stage 1.  [PDF 52 MB]

Other Financial Reports 
Queensland Treasury Corporation Credit Review 2014 [PDF 1.6 MB] rating Council weak with a positive outlook, the best financial position since amalgamation. Council resolved to release this review publicly on 11th March 2015. 

Queensland Treasury Corporation - Financial Assessment summary forms part of a report that was commissioned by the Department of Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience (DLGCRR), to evaluate Whitsunday Regional Council's financial position in 2013. Download the Queensland Treasury Corporation - Financial Assessment summary [PDF 47.9 KB]
On 25th June 2014, Council resolved to publicly release the Queensland Treasury Corporation 2010 Financial Sustainability Review  [PDF 423 KB}
The Queensland Government Size, Shape and Sustainability Report for Whitsunday Regional Council pre-amalgamation can be found here.
Review of Council's cash position [PDF 1.7 MB} conducted by Brown and Bird in 2012.

Ernst & Young Forensic Report
On 27 April 2016, Council resolved to make publically available, the Ernst & Young independent forensic analysis of the Whitsunday Regional Council dated 12 December 2012.

Ernst & Young Forensic Report
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