Why do you pay Rates?
Rates are the main means of generating the revenue that is necessary to provide Local Government services within the region.

Whilst some services, water and sewerage for example, are charged separately in accordance with the use of the service, a large variety of services such as roads, drainage, kerbing and channelling, parks and gardens, immunisation, libraries, community activities, tree planting and pest eradication, are covered by the general rate. 

Rates Brochure
Council includes a brochure with more information about rates and charges with the rate notices. Click here to download an electronic copy. 
Owner Occupier Status
Council is offering the opportunity to all residential ratepayers whose property is their principal place of residence, to benefit from a reduced general rate. To enable the owner occupier differential rate to be claimed, the property must be a single residential use only, occupied as ones principal place of residence for greater than 60% of the financial year.  More information on Owner Occupier can be found in the related policy to the right.

To download a Owner Occupier Status form, please click here.

what if you cannot pay your rates on time? 
If you consider that you cannot pay your rate account when due for payment, you can apply to make an arrangement with Council to pay off your rates and water consumption accounts by way of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Interest will accrue and be added to the balance each month, and Council does require that the account be cleared in full by the end of the rating period i.e. 31st December for the first half yearly notice, or 30th June for the second half yearly notice.

An application to pay your Rates by Arrangement can be downloaded here. 
Please note that if no arrangement form is lodged, outstanding rates or water accounts will incur the consequence of legal action. 

Direct Debit  
To ease the burden of your annual rate payment, you can set up a Direct Debit payment whereby Council will process an Automatic deduction from your nominated bank account on any Friday – weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for any amount you decide upon. The credit you accumulate will be applied to your rate account and appear on your next rate notice.

A Direct Debit Application form can be downloaded here.
Complete and return the form to Council and the deductions will commence immediately or on the date nominated. 
Change your Postal Address
Have you moved recently?
Is the address listed on your Rates Notice or Water Account not correct?
You will need to forward written notification of any changes of the address for service of your rates notices. A Change of Address form can be downloaded here

  • or please write to Council at 
    PO Box 104,

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