Environmentally Relevant Activity licence 

Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) are activities that will, or have the potential to, release contaminants into the environment that may cause environmental harm. It is a requirement of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) and the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 (EP Regulationss) that anyone who conducts an ERA must possess an environmental authority.

Changes to EP Act and EP Regulations

The Queensland Government on 31 March 2013 changed the provisions of the EP Act and Regulations. Some of the major changes and impacts are listed below.

A number of environmentally relevant activities (ERA’s) have been deleted under the Regulations. Businesses previously holding a registration certificate with Council to operate an ERA that has been deleted will no longer require the registration certificate to operate and will be made exempt from the licensing requirements.

Local Government Devolved ERA’s

The following ERAs are devolved to Local Government as listed in schedule 1 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.
  • ERA # 12 Plastic Product Manufacturing
  • ERA # 19 Metal Forming (greater than 1000 tonnes per year but excluding cold processing)
  • ERA # 20 Metal Recovery
  • ERA # 38 Surface coating (for anodising, electroplating, enamelling or galvanising using 1 – 100 tonnes of materials per year)
  • ERA # 49 Boat maintaining and repairing (within 50 metres of a bed of naturally occurring surface waters)
  • ERA # 61 Waste incineration and thermal treatment

If your ERA is not devolved to Council, contact the Department of Environment and Science (DES).

For further information contact Council's Health and Environment section on (07) 4945 0200.

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