Concessions and useful information

Are you entitled to a concession on your rates? 

Owner Occupier Status 

Council is offering the opportunity to all residential ratepayers whose property is their principal place of residence, to benefit from a reduced general rate. To enable the owner occupier differential rate to be claimed, the property must be a single residential use only, occupied as ones principal place of residence for greater than 60% of the financial year. Download an Owner Occupier Status form here.

Pensioner Rates Subsidy

Council has adopted a pensioner remission policy which grants a pensioner remission on the rate notice of 30% of the gross rates and charges to a maximum of $350.00 per year. The State Government also offers pensioners a remission. An application can remain valid from year to year provided ones circumstance remains unchanged.

An Application for Pensioner Rates Subsidy form can be downloaded here or contact Council's Customer Service Centre here
Deferred Rates Payment Option for Eligible Pensioners 

In cases of financial hardship, a deferment of part of the general rate is offered. Eligible pensioners are able to defer the payment of that portion of their general rate that is above the set minimum general rate. The deferred rates amount will accumulate as a debt against the property until it is sold, until a pre-determined date, or until the passing of the ratepayer.

Contact Council's Customer Service Centres here for more information or download an application form here.

Rates Assistance - Community Groups Donation

Sporting, recreational and not for profit organisations who need assistance from Council to cover the cost of the annual rates and water charges can seek a donation. Council may grant up to 100% of the general rate and 75% of the service charges (water and sewerage)

These associations need to write to Council, and include details of their audited financial statements. Requests will be placed before Council for consideration. Once approved, the benefit will be ongoing, and associations do not need to write to Council every year, unless their circumstances change.

Community groups that offer housing assistance to the disadvantaged members of our community can also apply for a donation.

Rate Relief due to Hardship

Concessions for hardship will only be considered by Council for rates and charges applied to owner occupied (residential) assessments and not-for-profit organisations who experience genuine financial difficulties to pay their rates and charges (financial hardship).  

Where financial hardship has been determined, all reasonable steps will be taken to establish a payment arrangement or negotiate settlement of the outstanding debt with the debtor concerned prior to considering a concession.

An application for consideration must be completed on an approved form that can be downloaded here.

State Government Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue (EMFR) Levy 

The State Government Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue (EMFR) Levy was introduced by the Queensland Government and commenced from 1st January 2014.

The levy replaces the previous Fire Levy and is now required to be charged on all properties
within our region.

Rural properties that have a local rural fire brigade will still be required to pay the Fire Levy. 


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