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Kerbside Recycling 

Whitsunday Regional Council implemented kerbside recycling across the entire region from 13 November 2017, in all residential areas with existing wheelie bin collection.

Residents now have a second wheelie bin with a yellow lid, to place all recyclable materials. Your recycling bin is collected on a fortnightly basis, on the same day as your normal rubbish bin collection.

A handy A-Z Recyclables Guide is available here for download:

Download the Kerbside Recycling Info Pack here>>

Download the A-Z Recyclables Guide here>>
ownload our Frequently Asked Questions here>>
Download the 2020 Week 1 & 2 Collection Calendar here>>
Use Recycle Coach below to find out more information about the recycling service for your household. You can download the free Recycle Coach app in the App Store and Google Play, to answer your questions on the go!

Why introduce Kerbside Recycling? 

The environmental benefits of recycling are well known and reducing waste in our landfills benefits our residents in the long-term by reducing the costs of building and maintaining landfill sites. 

Two years ago, after consultation with our community Council introduced kerbside recycling collection to all residential areas with existing wheelie bin collection. We would like to recognise the great work of our community who have taken on this new service with enthusiasm. 

After public consultation in late 2016, it was made clear the community is looking for a more sustainable approach to waste management in the Whitsundays. Kerbside recycling was the number one priority for over three quarters of participants.

To help our local residents and businesses continue recycling well, Council have created several handy A5 signs which are free to download and attach to your bins at home or in the office:

Mixed Recycling
Landfill Only
Paper Recycling
Soft Plastics
Food Waste

Planet Ark - 7 Golden Rules of Recycling
Recycling Facilities 
Recycling is an essential activity to reduce waste going to landfill and to promote sustainability. Whitsunday Regional Council takes a proactive approach to recycling throughout the region and provides recycling facilities at all major landfills and transfer stations throughout the region. 

There are also many other actions which you and your family can take to reduce your footprint on the environment. This includes implementing the waste hierarchy, Reduce; Reuse and Recycle. 

Whitsunday Regional Council operates many waste management facilities across the region. The facilities aim to:
 - Provide convenient, customer focused waste disposal for residents; and 
 - Help residents to recycle. 

Whitsunday Regional Council also provides recycling facilities at Kelsey Creek Landfill, Bowen Landfill, Cannonvale Transfer Station and Collinsville Transfer Station. Materials that can be recycled at Council's facilities include: 
 - clean paper and cardboard products; 
 - all rigid plastic containers and lids labelled with identification codes; 
 - only glass bottles and jars (remove lids and place separately in recycle bin); 
 - steel and aluminium (no general scrap metal); and 
 - green waste. 

Minimising Waste 
We can all take action to reduce our footprint on the environment through minimising the amount of waste that we produce, and increasing the amount of items that we reuse or recycle. 

There are lots of ways that you can play a part! 

Avoid Creating Waste in the First Place 
It is possible to eliminate certain types of waste by making a few simple changes in your day to day activities. Say no to junk mail, catalogues and phone books and go online instead. Compost your kitchen and garden waste instead of binning it, and recycle everything that can be recycled at Whitsunday recycling facilities. 

Reduce the Amount of Waste you Produce 
Sometimes it is difficult not to produce waste. Almost everything we buy today has some form of packaging; however, we can make smart choices to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. Look for products with minimal packaging, buy in bulk, or buy items ‘loose’, i.e. do fruit and vegetables really need their own plastic bag? 

Reuse where you can 
Many of us have gotten into the habit of throwing things away rather than reusing. Lots of items can be reused to prolong their life. This includes plastic bags and food containers, clothes and furniture. Even if you can not reuse an item, there is a good chance that someone else can. 

Recycling instead of disposing 
If all else fails and you need to dispose of items, dispose of it in your kerbside recycling bin or at one of our recycling facilities. It only requires a little more effort; however, it will help in reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill and save resources and energy as well. 

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