Lodge a Petition

What is a petition?

A petition is a formal written request signed by 10 or more people that can be used to lobby Council. This is one of the traditional ways by which people can make requests direct to Council.

Who can submit a Petition?

Anyone can sign or organise a petition. The petition, however, must only be signed once by each person.

Matters for Petitions

Petitions are used to show community support on a particular matter that is under Council’s control. Petitions on the following matters will be considered by Council in accordance with these guidelines:

  • Issues relating to Council’s responsibilities; and,
  • Issues which affect the Whitsunday Region or communities within the region, as long as Council is in a position to exercise some degree of influence.

It is recommended that all matters concerning normal Council Operations, should be lodged via a customer request on Council’s Website or contact Councils Customer Service Team.

Guidelines on submitting a Petition

As per the Council Meeting Standing Orders, any petition submitted to Council should adhere to the following requirements:

  • be in legible writing or typewritten and contain a minimum of ten (10) signatures;
  • include the name and contact details of the Principal Petitioner (i.e., one person who is the organiser and who will act as the key contact for the issue);
  • include the postcode of all petitioners;
  • have the details of the specific request/matter appear on each page of the petition; and,
  • have no offensive words/comments.

Click on the link to use the petition template as a guide.

Petitions that are vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate

Petitions that are vexatious or contain any abusive language or are otherwise inappropriate will not be accepted and therefore deemed invalid. The Principal Petitioner will be contacted and notified of this.

How to lodge a Petition to Council

Ensure your petition complies guidelines and forward your petition onto your local Divisional Councillor, hand it into Whitsunday Regional Council’s customer service team, or post to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Whitsunday Regional Council
PO Box 104

What happens when a petition is received?

The petition will be tabled at an Ordinary Meeting and formally received by Council.

Once tabled there will be no debate on or in relation to the petition and the only motion that may be moved is either that:

  • The petition is received;
  • The petition is received and referred to a committee or officer for consideration and subsequent report to Council; or,
  • That the petition is not received as it is deemed invalid.

The lead petitioner will then be advised of the petition's tabling at Council and any outcomes regarding the subject matter.

Click on the link to view the Council Meeting Standing Orders – Item 6. Petitions

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